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    Precision Miniature and Micro-Sized Metalformed Medical Components and Subassemblies.

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    Micro Stamping

    Precision Miniature and Micro-Sized 

    Metalformed Medical Components and Subassemblies

    Product Design Assistance for Cost-Saving Conversions from Machining and Metal Injection Molding

    ·       Lower cost, enhanced performance

    ·       Higher strength and performance

    ·       Lot-to-lot dimensional consistency

    ·       High throughput

    ·       Minimally invasive

    ·       Long term reliability

    ·       More complexity in smaller space

    ·       Wall sections down to 0.05mm (.002")

    ·       Tooling to last the life of your program


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    1575967903748905YIG1.jpg 1575967964949809ibKR.png 1575967985122332jw1p.jpg 1575968000317436ncUv.jpg

    *Magnified from 5x to more than 80x depending on parts

    Technology, Talent, and Experience for Endoscopic, Laparoscopic, Neuromodulation Devices, and More

    Implantable Devices and Components

    ·       Anchor tabs

    ·       Bone braces

    ·       Defibrillator components

    ·       Pacemaker components

    ·       Electrodes

    ·       Lamitrodes 

    ·       Lead wires

    ·       Marker bands

    ·       Micro-contacts

    ·       Orientation markers

    ·       Radiopaque markers

    ·       Stent markers

    ·       Antennae

    Disposable Devices and Components

    ·       Alligator jaws

    ·       Battery tabs

    ·       Biopsy forceps cups

    ·       Biopsy needles

    ·       Bisector blades

    ·       Blade assemblies

    ·       Cardiac

    ·       Clevis

    ·       Distal end

    ·       Endoscopy

    ·       Expandable extenders

    ·       Forceps electrodes

    ·       Laparoscopy

    ·       Restraint bands

    ·       Ring electrode assemblies

    ·       Surgical scissors blades

    ·       Transmitter contacts

    Hearing Device Components

    ·       Analog hearing aid

    ·       Artificial cochlear

    ·       Digital hearing aid

    ·       Gold plated contacts

    ·       Lead frames

    ·       Micro-contacts

    ·       Variable resistor

     15759680307057984v0q.jpg 1575968051379419rvrS.jpg 1575968082685109cptU.jpg 15759681089308843I1r.jpg 1575968127277698zB7K.jpg 1575968148950492QLhF.jpg

    Conversion Case Studies

    Grasping Forceps

    Stainless steel surgical forceps for grasping tissue

    Conversion from a taper-grinding and wire bending operation to a labor and cost saving Meier process:

    ·       Sequence of stamping hits for precise control of critical dimensions;

    ·       Integrated SPC process with laser welding and robotic assembly;

    ·       Stainless steel surgical forceps for grasping tissue



    Biopsy Jaw

    Disposable stainless steel biopsy jaws less than 3mm wide assembled

    Conversion from metal injection molding (MIM) to precision metal forming:

    ·       More precise and consistent geometry for more reliable proper blade mating and function;

    ·       Elimination of pre-assembly sorting and fitting, saving customer time and labor;

    ·       Reduced component costs.



    Twisted Biopsy Needle

    Miniature needle with tight tolerance hole and specific distal and proximal end angles

    Conversion from chemical etching with secondary twisting to single automated stamping and forming process:

    ·       Improved dimensional control for improved performance;

    ·       Streamlined process for customer savings of 60%.

    ·       Reduced component costs.



    ·       NiTiNOL

    ·       300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel

    ·       MP35N

    ·       Beryllium Copper

    ·       Phosphorus Bronze

    ·       Brass

    ·       Aluminum

    ·       PH Grade Stainless Steel

    ·       Nickel 200

    ·       Titanium

    ·       Magnesium

    ·       Hastelloy

    ·       Tantalum

    ·       Permanickel

    ·       Kovar

    Precious metals

    ·       Platinum

    ·       Gold

    ·       Silver

    ·       Iridium

    ·       Nickel

    Engineered metals

    ·       Precious metals selectively plated only in functional areas to reduce cost

    ·       Thin strips of precious metal bonded to the raw material for enhanced surface integrity

    ·       Multi-gauge strips skived prior to stamping for varying wall thickness

    ·       Continuous strips of hardened materials annealed in specific areas for localized ductility


    1575969767718403FvEI.jpg 15759698113947834Ai4.jpg 1575969829334576jRKh.jpg 1575969848177356Ix1G.jpg 1575969870266425TECq.jpg